Expect only top-notch translations based on thorough knowledge and research. I specialise in a wide range of technical subjects and business/promotional content. This by no means exhausts the list, but do rest assured I will not accept a job if I feel I wouldn't be able to deliver excellent quality. I'm available for both one-off translations (including official documents) and long-term projects. For the latter, you might want to know I'm an expert user of various CAT tools, thus being able to guarantee full consistency for large-scale jobs.

Language pairs I translate in: EN, PT, ES, FR > PL; PL > EN, PT

Standard workload: up to 2000 words or 8 pages per day


A good target text reads as if it were originally written in the target language. Very often, simply translating websites, applications, marketing and business materials is not enough. The content needs to be fully adapted to the reality of a specific country or region.

Given the expert knowledge required for the process, I localise content for the Polish audience only.


I proofread all sort of texts guaranteeing that they are typo-free, the spelling is right, and all the commas are in their respective places. Generally, however, I don't offer revision which involves comparing a translation with its source text. I simply prefer to translate from scratch myself.

Target languages I offer proofreading for: PL, EN(UK), PT(PT); for Portuguese, I work together with an excellent professional reviewer


I'm a fully trained conference interpreter, a Member of the Portuguese Association of Conference Interpreters (APIC) and of the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI). Other than consecutive and simultaneous conference interpreting, I also interpret in courts, tourist events and private meetings, guaranteeing the highest accuracy, discretion and professionalism.

Language pairs for simultaneous: EN, PT > PL; PL > EN

Language pairs for consecutive: EN, PT > PL;  PL > EN; PL > PT

Consultancy & Training

Whatever your language needs are—from strictly linguistic doubts to organising a comprehensive language management process—I'm here to help. I'll be happy to put my 15 year's expertise in the language industry into good use and help you and your company grow.

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